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CR Visualosities Meme

i might not actually do that many of these i'm not making it pretty
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Bianca Tiki Emmeryn

Full Muselist

This acts as a permanently open RP post! Feel free to tag in with anything for anyone at anytime. This is just as open to strangers (I'm sure there are plenty of you poking around since I have those resource lists!) as it is to friends. While the characters above are ones I've been particularly itching to play, anyone on my muselist is fair game!

If you don't want to write a starter, leaving a top-level without one is totally fine if you'd be so kind as to let me know which character you want and a general idea of what you want from me, and I'll gladly write a starter myself.

I'm not interested in playing out smut or physical torture, and would like to be asked before being tagged with anything involving drugs or alcohol. Thank you!

Prompts Prompts Plurk
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Call Me Out! ☆ Permanent Open RP Post

Call Me Out !
» «
or pick anyone else on my full muselist!
» Make a comment calling out any of my characters by putting their name in the subject line.
» Include a starter. Or don't! I don't care! If you don't, a geeeeneral idea of what you're looking to play would be nice so I can throw something together.
» This is open to everyone, regardless of whether or not we've played or even talked before! Even you, random stranger stumbling upon this other stranger's musebox probably through my resources posts or something, are welcome to tag this.

I'm not interested in playing smut or physical torture, or anything involving alcohol or drugs unless we've already discussed it.

prompts if you need 'em
» Random Scenario Meme
» Zombie Apocalypse Meme
More Random Scenarios «
Train to the Afterlife Meme «
» or they're just stuck in an elevator together

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  Clover Field ☆ 999
fourleafcleaver at Seven Vices


Clover ☆ 999
fourleafcleaver "Hope, faith, love, and luck..." hmd, cr chart
Emmeryn ☆ FE:A
divinedescendant "You and I will keep Ylisse safe. I believe it with all my heart." hmd, cr chart
Lissa ☆ FE:A
felissaty "I want to be a proper lady like my sister. ...But don't tell anyone I said that." hmd, cr chart
Noa ☆ Original
bombsaway "Dying might not be so bad, I think, if you are yourself when you do it." hmd, cr chart
Izabel ☆ Saga
soulbonded "Are you seriously trying to educate me about the costs of war? You realize I'm fucking dead, correct?" hmd, cr chart

» Zia
» Bastion
» evacuate
» Almond
» Cucumber Quest
» bunnybrawler
» Aoi Asahina
» Dangan Ronpa
» amphibian
» Mukuro Ikusaba
» Dangan Ronpa
» disappointment
» Celty Sturluson
» Durarara!!
» kneesandtoes
» L'Arachel
» Fire Emblem 8
» curedham
» Myrrh
» Fire Emblem 8
» dracoleoresin
» Neimi
» Fire Emblem 8
» crybabyarcher
» Emmeryn
» Fire Emblem 13
» divinedescendant
» Lissa
» Fire Emblem 13
» felissaty
» Tiki
» Fire Emblem 13
» prenebular
» Grandma English
» Homestuck
» electromechanism
» Jade Harley
» Homestuck
» overbite
» Jadesprite
» Homestuck
» woofwoofsob
» Nepeta Leijon
» Homestuck
» purrsnickety
» Finch "Foxface"
» Hunger Games
» nightlocked
» Mary
» Ib
» crayonworld
» Homura Akemi
» Madoka Magica
» weakhearted
» Madoka Kaname
» Madoka Magica
» withoutpotential
» Sayaka Miki
» Madoka Magica
» blueveins
» Sophie
» Neopets
» swampwitch
» Bianca
» Pokémon
» klutzy
» Elesa
» Pokémon
» modeling
» Hilda
» Pokémon
» fightingmaiden
» Janine
» Pokémon
» pinkscarf
» Kris
» Pokémon
» kristallize
» Lyra
» Pokémon
» balloonhat
» Izabel
» Saga
» nogutsyesglory
» Rapunzel
» Disney's Tangled
» panhandler
» Pao-Lin Huang
» Tiger & Bunny
» shenlung
» SF-A2 Miki
» Vocaloid
» loseshermusic
» Armin
» Original
» astrolatrist
» Iseult Rothschild
» Original
» asterian
» Irene
» Original
» emotions
» Janey Whittmore
» Harry Potter (OC)
» bumblingbadger
» Luciana Moreno
» Original
» lobisomem
» Noa
» Original
» attemptedsororicide
» Phoebe Proctor
» Original
» apothecarist
» Syrene Actassi
» Homestuck (OC)
» doomedsession
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private: Chii

and then on the way home, it always seems like a good idea to go paddling in the fountain, and that's because it is a good idea
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private: Starry

it's all a lie but you'd never know.
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private: Claire

you provide the rumors and i'll provide the spite.
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(no subject)

for gabs
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(no subject)

for dizzy
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(no subject)

for nate
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(no subject)

for naoko