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[personal profile] diabound 2012-04-19 11:18 pm (UTC)(link)
-- necromancersBlessing [NB] began pestering ??? --

NB: ah, excuse me? hello?
NB: is anyone here?
NB: if so, please say something. it's... fairly urgent, i suppose.
NB: although it could be worse.
NB: at least chances are i'm not alone in this.
NB: yes, chances are...
NB: ...
NB: really, anyone?
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[personal profile] klutzy 2012-04-19 11:43 pm (UTC)(link)
-- necromancersBlessing [NB] began pestering aislingAgathism [AA] --

AA: what? hello! hi!
AA: oh no, are you still there? because i'm here now~!
AA: i had to go say goodbye to the professor! i guess i forgot to put myself on idle again... u_u
AA: um, who is this? what's going on? (⊙﹏⊙ )
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NB: oh! yes, yes i'm still here...
NB: and my sincerest apologies for the delay. quite a bit has been happening here on my end of things. i suppose an explanation would do you good?
NB: ahah, well, i'll understand if this makes you think strangely of me -- trust me, you certainly wouldn't be the first -- but.
NB: i've been getting some... worrying readings, as of late.
NB: in the cards, that is.
NB: ...tarot.
NB: ahh, somehow it still slips my mind that people won't always know what i mean by things like that. sorry, miss.
NB: but, yes, very worrying indeed. consistently so. i'll spare you the details -- i hate to stereotype by appearance, usually, so please forgive me, but you don't look like the sort of person whom would find much interest in the occult...?
NB: no offense intended, of course! to each their own.
NB: well, back to the point. it's not them alone; the spirit board has been acting up with me, too. all in all some very odd messages.
NB: and, um, those things i suppose could easily be considered coincidences or instances of individual paranoia, but.
NB: that's not what has me really worried.
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fdhjkhdjkd im sorry this turned out kinda long,,, shit

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NB: it's... mostly that i seem to be living my dreams. or often nightmares, so much as i wish that wasn't the case. detail would be irrelevant so again i'll spare you and shan't bother -- point is this is not something i have any experience in that is not impossibly horrible and something that would i would very much not like to revisit and i honestly am at a loss as to what to think
NB: i mean, just now, for god's sake! right now i'm asleep. very definitely no doubt about it
NB: but i'm talking to you
NB: and i'm fairly sure you're real. you certainly don't seem like a dream. then again how can i know?
NB: i'll admit i'm very lost, miss
NB: a little frightened.
NB: i had intended to ask you for help but i suppose looking at it now that's hardly fair, is it... we're absolute strangers to one another and here i am spilling out such personal, ridiculous worries to you, goodness.
NB: come to think of it i don't even know your name! and you don't know mine, either, do you? god, i haven't even introduced myself -- do forgive me, in this little furor it seems i've completely misplaced my manners.
NB: my name is bakura ryou. er, feel free to address me however you like...? i honestly don't mind...
NB: and, um -- provided my asking does not intrude which i very much hope -- as for you...?
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[personal profile] klutzy 2012-04-22 06:26 pm (UTC)(link)
AA: ummmmm
AA: wow, i don't know what a lot of that means! (´・ω・`)
AA: but, um, i don't know a lot about the occult, for one thing! isn't it, like, spooky ghosties and stuff?
AA: i have a ghost pokémon~! does that count?
AA: also, i'm totally real! like, as real as it gets! i'm totally completely existing~! ( ^∇^)
AA: and i don't know what's going on, but if you need help, i'll do what i can! but there's not really a lot that i'm very good at, so i don't know how helpful i can be...
AA: but it's nice to meet you, mister or miss ryou! even if this is kind of a weird way to do it~ my name is bianca! ( ◠‿◠)
AA: ...ummm
AA: wait
AA: you mentioned something about how i don't look like the kind of person who would be into whatever stuff, right?
AA: um, but how do you know what i look like if we're strangersish?
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NB: rrk, i wasn't very clear, there, was i? i meant just your general demeanour, really. the colour of your text, your, er, liberal use of emoticons, your upbeat manner of speaking...
NB: not that there's anything wrong with any of those. you seem a lovely girl! i've never been the best at communicating these things but i assure you i mean that sincerely. & --
NB: oh damn, i hope you are a girl? if it turns out i've been addressing you wrongly in any way i'm so sorry! i really must stop making assumptions like that, such a terrible habit...
NB: but yes. the circumstances may be a little odd, granted, but it's always nice to make new acquaintances! & if i'm honest, miss bianca, you even remind me quite distinctly of someone else... a dear friend formed through some, ah, similarly surreal troubles, you could say.
NB: i'm quite sure you'd like him. and he, you.
NB: ...but i digress.
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oh no youve unleashed his inner necroboo

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NB: by the by, um, in the case i've read you all wrong here then please disregard my maybe-overbearing curiosity (and either way still do excuse it. orz) but.
NB: did you say you have a ghost...? well, a ghost 'pokemon' whatever that may be, but either way -- still a ghost? i mean, for real? really literally a ghost? with you?
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NB: can i see it.
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OH NO......

[personal profile] klutzy 2012-04-23 09:59 pm (UTC)(link)
AA: oh! wow, thinking you could just kind of see me was silly of me, sorry!
AA: yeah, i'm a girl! it's okay, you were right~
AA: maybe i could meet that other friend sometime, too! :o especially if you think we'd get along! i love to make new freinds~!
AA: huh?
AA: oh!
AA: yeah, a ghost-type pokémon! heehee, you don't need to apologize!
AA: b-but how do you not know what a pokémon is?! (;゜Д゜)
AA: do you have a different name for them wherever you might be?
AA: she's just as real as i am, though! and she's pretty much always with me~!
AA: oh! yeah, totally!
AA: gimme a sec, i can take a picture of her...

-- aislingAgaithism [AA] sent necromancersBlessing [NB] the file "ghostlight.jpeg"--
AA: that's her! she's a chandelure and her name is ghostlight and she's a super sweetie! ( ^∇^)
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OH YES......

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NB: uhmm... well, we have monsters? you know, in the cards. but for the most part they're at best holograms, in this world -- they're still real, though, kind of. just the 'real' of somewhere else.
NB: it's hard to explain.
NB: but these pokemon... they're physically there, to you? you can interact with them at will?
NB: very interesting! to be honest i'm actually a tad jealous orz. but still, that sounds really cool. i'd love to hear more about them sometime if you'd like to tell me!
NB: -- oh, and gosh, thank you! let me just open that up...
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NB: ah
NB: ahhhhhhfjfkh
NB: oh my that
NB: that's
NB: so cute
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[personal profile] klutzy 2012-04-24 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
AA: cards? holograms?
AA: ...what? (;・﹏・)a
AA: where in the world are you?! i've never heard of anything like that!
AA: heehee, she's such a cutie~! she's the only ghost-type that i have and probably the only one i ever will but there are a lot of different kinds! she's totally the best, though~
AA: you really don't know what pokémon are? :o