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it's all a lie but you'd never know.
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[Madoka is on witch patrol alone today. It's been like that for a while; she's strong enough to defeat witches on her own without too much trouble now so she's been sharing patrol with Mami less and less. It's more efficient to split the city this way, even if she's gotten a little lonely.

Her soul gem starts glowing as she approaches an old warehouse and when Madoka brings the gate into view, a floral emblem is patterned on the wall. She glances behind her to make sure that nobody's there to watch her as she steps through into the barrier. She transforms once she's in and summons her bow into her hand, ready for any trouble.
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[Inside the gates of hell presented an icy landscape, with a full blizzard surrounding the area. There were numerous trees, white wolves perched to attack and a snow queen as the central piece sitting on a hill in the center.

So what was easy to spot was a little girl dressed in red, hiding behind a tree as she observed the snow queen. It looked like to her like the girl was in pain, hurt, just like Mary and she wondered how was she going to stop it.]
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[Of course the girl stood right out at her tree-side hiding spot and for a moment Madoka panicked—she'd gone witch hunting but she'd never had to save anyone trapped before without Mami to help. Freaking out, of course, was only going to make things worse, so she took a deep breath to compose herself and tightened her grip on her bow. The familiars hadn't moved so she wasn't about to provoke them just yet, but she kept her eyes on them as she hurried over to the girl.]

Hello! Hello? Oh, are you hurt? [When she made it to the girl, Madoka knelt down beside her, keeping just enough of a distance that she still had the familiars in clear view. She was smiling at her, though, even if she couldn't keep focused on her.] Don't you worry, everything is going to be all right.
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[Ib just gave a curt nod to the elder girl. She couldn't really tell who she was, but she was dressed almost like an angel. Crouching down against the tree, she pointed out towards the snow queen creating even more familiars to hunt them down.]
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Ah, is that so... Well, as soon as... [She followed the girl's pointing and paused at the sight of the newly-spawned familiars. Madoka stood; she would have to take care of this quickly.] As soon as I get you out, I'll make sure that you're treated. [She surprised herself with her own confident tone of voice. That was exactly what they needed now, though, wasn't it? It must have been Mami's influence on her. Madoka raised her bow and pulled back at the string, summoning three glowing pink arrows into her fingers to hold against it as she did.]

Stay right here. Okay? And if something happens, or even if you think that something will, just shout for me and I'll take care of it! I'll keep you safe!

[With a final nod of assurance to the other girl, Madoka let the positioned arrows fly, taking out two of her three wolf targets. She sprinted forward immediately, careful not to go so far that she wouldn't hear Ib, and fired arrows in all directions at the lunging familiars in her attempt to remove enough of the snow queen's guard that she could get close enough to take her out.]
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[Ib watches from within the shadows as Madoka takes on the witch by herself. What more did she have to do besides keep herself out of harms way? There was no safe areas to run and hide behind, like a snowglobe of fear. But unlike most girls she wasn't too fearful of it.

Once the witch was eliminated, Ib looks around in all directions, surprised to see it just disappear like that.]
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[The fight went without incident—the barrier dissipated and the girl was still there, no worse off than she was before Madoka started her fight. They were left back in the warehouse in the real world just as they had been before being brought into the snow queen's barrier.

Madoka lowered her bow and considered the grief seed left behind for a half-moment before turning and hustling back towards Ib, transforming back into her school uniform mid-step and kneeling down next to her again. The grief seed would still be there in a minute, of course.

You see? I told you everything would be fine. [She grinned.] What's your name? And...where are you hurt?
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[Ib took one look at the girl once her dress came off and stepped back, a look of fear passing over her. People didn't transform like that normally, did they?]

Where did your dress go? [She asked plainly, her eyes looking behind Madoka.]
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[The switch had become so natural by then that it took Madoka a beat to realize what she meant.] Oh, well, it... Ah, can you keep a secret? If I tell you, can you promise not to tell anyone else? [Hoping to seem reassuring, she gave a bright smile. That probably wasn't significant enough to diffuse all of the bewilderment certainly surrounding everything that had just happened, but she could only do her best.] Have you heard of magical girls before? In cartoons or comic books?
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[She nodded.] But that's on television, so you're a real one? [Her eyes got pretty big. It was like meeting a movie star this time. Whatever it was she kept her distance just in case, half expecting her to turn into a monster]
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That's right! I'm called a Puella Magi, and I fight monsters called witches. Like that snow woman! But it's a secret. You can remember that for me, right? [She pressed a finger to her lips in emphasis.] Can I see where you're hurt? [Madoka didn't want to get up and approach her, though; the poor girl was frightened enough.]
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Mmhm... [Her shoulders start to sag in relieve. But there was one nagging thought on her mind.] Are you from an art museum? [That witch and magical girl wouldn't be too out of place in there.]
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[personal profile] withoutpotential 2013-01-09 02:53 am (UTC)(link) museum? I'm not from one. [Madoka put a hand to her face in thought.] We went to one for a field trip once. But from one, of course not... Why?
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[She jut shakes her head.] Never mind... do you know where my Mom and Daddy are? [She glanced over towards a street that had houses lined up around it.]
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No, I don't... But I bet you that we can find them! Will you come with me? [She held out a hand for her.] What are you doing so far from home, anyway?
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I was on my way home from school. [She gingerly held out her hand.] I think I can find my way back home...
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sorry i took so long!! i got super sick, aaaugh

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Ohh, I see. [She took Ib's hand and stood, slowly.] Ah, in that case, you can lead the way? I'd just like to make sure you get there safely, is that okay? And are you hurt? We should take care of that, too, if that's the case...
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[She shook her head.] They didn't come after me. But it's okay if you want to come along. [She spoke softly, taking her first steps towards the road ahead.]