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for naoko
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-- soliosLeucosia began pestering ??? --

SL: helloooooooo~!
SL: do you have the discs yet?
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wow rose you skeptic

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CC: I'm sorry, what?
CC: I don't think this message was meant for me.
CC: You're not coming up on my Chumroll.
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SL: no, you are definitely the right person! give me a little credit, huh? i'm not that flighty!
SL: the SBURB discs! did you get them yet?
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CC: I do have them.
CC: Did you get this handle from somebody going as "piquantNabes", by any chance?
CC: She's not supposed to be giving it out to anybody/everybody she talks to.
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SL: just where i got anything isn't important! what's important is that you have to pop those discs in and we need to get playing.
SL: those meteors will be on their way any minute now! i think that's how it goes...
SL: well, let's go, chop chop!
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CC: These games are getting way too overdramatic.
CC: Give me a moment, please.
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SL: well, i don't have a lot of moments to give you, but okay.
SL: did i introduce myself, by the way? my name is syrene~
SL: are you ready yet? let's go, let's go!
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CC: Hopefully, you at least had that much in the way of moments.
CC: Yes, everything is installed and waiting for your connection. You'll be acting as the server to my client, right?
CC: Rosemary.
CC: As in, that's my name.
CC: Just in case there was any confusion.
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enjoy having the worst server player ever, rose

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SL: hahah, i did, but my moment supply is dangerously low!
SL: that's right~ i'll be taking care of the setup for you.
SL: okay, rosemary (wow, that is such a pretty name, you know!)! connecting should only take a second...
SL: great~! and now i can deploy the alchemi
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enjoy having a client player who would be much better as a server fdksh

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CC: Than
CC: What just happened?
CC: Actually, better question: do I want to know what just happened?
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in this thread: a trainwreck

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SL: ummmm...
SL: i REEAALLLY hope you didn't like that table in your kitchen...
SL: did i mention how cute that headband is? very chic!
SL: okay, but really though, this could be a lot worse!
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rose really doesn't care though omfg

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CC: Oh.
CC: I don't really care about it one way or another. If you need another place to put something huge and destructive, my mom's room is two doors down to the left from mine.
CC: Thanks?
CC: About the headband, that is.
CC: If you're running short on time, what do I do to speed things along? Most games with a server-client setup usually don't make the client completely passive.
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SL: ...oh.
SL: really?
SL: that's a relief~!
SL: okay, you need to go find the alchemiter that i just deployed in the middle of your kitchen. and then...
SL: erm.
SL: oh, there's a wheel on it for you to turn! that's step one.
SL: i'll go place the rest of those the pieces you need in the meantime~
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CC: I'll be right back, then.
CC: Actually, I'll contact you from my phone once I'm done turning this wheel on the mysterious table-crushing object.
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SL: the official term is "Alchemiter"!
SL: Al-che-mi-ter~
SL: don't take too long, now! these other bits and pieces are almost done being set.
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CC: The "Al-che-mi-ter", okay.
CC: We now have a cylinder of jelly (about a foot tall, I'd say) and a flashing circle that looks like it could pretty easily give someone a seizure.
CC: My head hurts just from looking at it.
CC: Also, there's a clock or a timer now. It started at six minutes and nine seconds.
CC: Just so you know.
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SL: oh, good, we have the timer now! that's how much longer we have until the meteors hit.
SL: something goes in the flashy thing. just throw whatever you'd like in there! as for the cylinder...
SL: oh, no, there's a name for it, and i can't remember what it is! it started with a k, or maybe a c...
SL: either way, go ahead and take that to your mom's room so we can carve it! i've already deployed the carving card for you~
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rosmurry pls

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#033e54CC: Meteors?
CC: Feel free to imagine that italicized for a better idea of how I said it out loud.
CC: But oh my god you need to slow down for a moment. Yes, I know you're short on moments, but so am I, apparently.
CC: "Anything" goes in the epilepsy circle, correct? Is that before, after, or during when I go to carve the thing whose name you can't remember?
CC: I don't mean to sound hasty or bitchy, but I don't particularly want to experience being crushed by a meteor, even if it's just a video game. I like to be organized with things.
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SL: we are both very short on moments, and that's why we need to keep going!
SL: that's right, anything at all! you do that at your leisure~ i actually just left mine alone until my server threw my dead gerbil into it.
SL: questions are fine, silly, and we need to be hasty, remember? i don't want you getting crushed by a meteor, either!
SL: no, i don't think my server arrow would let me pick up and move the meteors before impact, would it... hm!
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whOOSP ignore that hex code floating about kjdnhsfh

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CC: Ew, oh my god, it doesn't have to be dead, does it?
CC: Okay, I'll put the cylinder inside the machine in my mom's room, correct? While looking for something that I sincerely hope doesn't have to be dead to put inside the epilepsy circle (if that's what we're going to go ahead and call it). What do I do with it while you're diddling around with meteors?
CC: I feel like this game could definitely stand to come with a manual enclosed.
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i didn't see anything

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SL: i don't see why that would be a requirement. i just happened to have a dead animal lying around to fit in the epilepsy circle! it's all situational.
SL: now there's a card i put down in there somewhere, and it goes inside the card slot in that same machine. the card goes in, the cylinder goes in...
SL: crushite!
SL: no, crutchite...
SL: oh, no, neither of those sound right. i thought i remembered the name.
SL: where was i?
SL: oh, right!
SL: after you put the pieces where they belong, all you have to do is push the button~
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CC: The machine carved some grooves into the cylinder and spat it back out.
CC: Also, "somewhere" ended up being my mom's lingerie drawer.
CC: Which is not a place it/I ever needed to be.
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SL: soooo~rry! i'm still getting the hang of these controls!
SL: it could be worse. i could have moved the bathtub through your wall.
SL: oh, i'm not saying that i will, of course, just that you should look on the bright side!
SL: okay, now you need to take the cylinder and put it back with the Al~che~mi~ter~
SL: there's a spot for it right there. we're almost done~
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entering the game is so anticlimactic-looking done entirely via pesterlogs omg

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CC: Okay.
CC: Is it supposed to be do
CC: What the hell it just turned into a little building?
CC: I hate to sound incompetent, but we only have about three minutes left, I think, judging by my phone's clock and the fact that I can see the meteor through the kitchen window.
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man it kinda is, it is probably actually WAY MORE INTENSE than we have given it credit for

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SL: destroy it!
SL: take that little building and smash it! drop it, cut it, do it however you want, but it has to break!
SL: i'm seeing the meteor on the server screen, too. hurry, roesmary, this is the last step!
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CC: Syrene?
CC: Are you still there?
CC: I have no idea whether or not you can see me, but it's been about five minutes with no response. I'm not dead, unless being dead involves having your house sitting in a void of some sort with monsters popping up everywhere.
CC: There's also a ghost of some sort, though he's insisting that he's a "sprite".
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explosions and how not to deal with the fact that you just uprooted and weaponized someone's bathtub

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SL: oh my goodness! you're not dead, perfect!
SL: there you are. whew~ soooo sorry about that delay, by the way, but...oh, don't worry!
SL: anyway, this is The Middle. now you're out of that countdown mess and into the real game, y
SL: look out for that bathtub!!!
SL: that wall can be fixed, i promise!
SL: but that pack of monsters had to go, those little sneaks!
SL: you're okay, aren't you? you look it from here! no bathtub or imp related injuries here~
SL: oh, no, it wasn't The Middle, it was The Medium. my mistake!
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rip tub, we hardly knew ye

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CC: You know what, just don't even worry about my house. It's more or less beyond repair at this point.
CC: The sprite (he suggested "Sailorsprite" for a name, since he is/was a statuette of a sailor, so I'll be referring to him as such from now on) wanted me to make sure you were aware that the next objective is for you to build the wreckage of my house up to some sort of gate.
CC: I've got some of this grist from the monsters, so if we want a plan of attack, I gain more grist, and you use it to build.
CC: Just
CC: Just ask me if you feel like you're about to do something totally structurally unsound?
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SL rosemary, you are sooo easygoing! my other friends would have been so angry about all of this...
SL: i'll do my best to keep you more informed about any more furniture throwing!
SL: in the meantime, let's get to building, and you get to battling!
SL: throwing that tub used up more grist than i thought it was, shoot...
SL: oh, but whatever. how do stairs coming up from the roof sound?
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haha pretending I know the first thing about architecture ahahah

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CC: It's just a game, so it doesn't really matter to me one way or another.
CC: The stairs sound good, but remember that they have to actually go somewhere, since leaving them hanging out in space is just begging for something to go wrong.
CC: Let me see if I can get you some more grist, first.
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it's okay i know about as much as you, maybe

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SL: well, it isn't like the addons and adjustments just go away, you know? or maybe they do, i'm not sure...
SL: they're certainly real for now, anyway!
SL: and don't you worry, rosemary~ i'll do something spiraling, with base support and beams. something elegant-looking!
SL: what's your favorite color? i don't think coloring them too is all that expensive...
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ftr I know nothing even after watching my mom redesign half the house and taking a basic CAD class

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CC: Oh. Well.
CC: For now is better than forever.
CC: Don't feel like you need to worry about looking nice, just get it done. Function over form is what you'll want to go by, the function being getting me through the gate before these things kill me, since Sailorsprite is being less than helpful.
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see i don't even have any of that

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SL: well, it's got to have something to it! i couldn't just build some ratty, plain old step after step. god, no.
SL: we'll start building that and i'll make sure none of those little monsters kill you~ you can rely on me, rosemary!