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for nate
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[As the professor's assistant, it's Bianca's duty to help the new trainers! That means starter Pokémon, too, especially in between arrivals of their standards, when the lab is devoid of anything to give. It's not like they can send anyone out to get their own; it's dangerous out there without a Pokémon!

She's brought the new guy out in front of the lab, and has the professor's errand Staravia with her so she can fly them out a little farther.

Okay! ...Um, remind me what your name was again? So what kind of Pokémon do you want!
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Oh. Uh, it's Chuck.

[Chuck fidgeted a bit, rubbing at his neck. His slouching was a little more obvious than usual today, mostly because he never thought he'd ever get a Pokémon. He always thought he'd just stay at home, maybe get a job, stuff like that. That, and Pokémon usually seemed kind of scary to him.]

You know, you really don't have to do this. I'm fine without a Pokémon.
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Chuck! Okay, and I'm Bianca! [This is probably the third or fourth time she's said this.]

Oh, no way! It is so totally awesome out there, and having a Pokémon is super great! And as the professor's assistant, [and that is probably the sixth or seventh time that's been said] it's my job to help out! So have you given it any thought at all?!
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Well, not really. I never thought about getting a Pokémon before.

[Chuck couldn't say no to Bianca even if he tried, she was just too sweet to him. That, and rudeness wasn't in his dictionary. He twiddled his thumbs and continued on with some obvious worry, even biting his lower lip for a brief moment]

But, uh...can it be something that doesn't look too scary or dangerous?
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Really? Not once?! [She is absolutely baffled. Who doesn't think of having a Pokémon?! That's just how it is!]

Not scary or dangerous looking, huh? Well... [She starts walking towards the edge of the town where Route One begins, focused on digging around in her backpack for her own Pokéballs.]

A Patrat isn't that scary, don't you think so? Or we could find you a Lillipup over here. The first Pokémon I caught by myself was a Lillipup! Oh, maybe if we're lucky, we could find an Audin—found it! [And with that she triumphantly pulls out a Pokéball and holds it up above her head, then sticks it under her arm so she can rummage around for another. She still hasn't even looked behind her to see if Chuck is even following.]
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Uh, yeah. Never. [And now comes the awkward again. He kicked at the dirt a little, following after her. The mention of a Patrat kind of bothered him.] They look kinda threatening though...

But uh, Audino? I don't think I've seen those before.
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You really think so? I think they're adorable! [She sighs, kind of dreamily, but then snaps back to focus so that she can start trudging through the route, lingering at the edge of the grass.]

You haven't?! They are so-o-o cute! Just hard to find. [She takes a few tentative steps into the tall grass and motions for Chuck to follow her. She lowers her voice before she continues.] Audino never ever come to you. You have to go look for them! So keep quiet, okay?
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Oh, alright. I'll do that. [He nods and steps into the grass, a little cautious. He leans down a little, focusing not to step on any Pokémon that might be hiding.]