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you provide the rumors and i'll provide the spite.
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[ Ritsu doesn't knock when she enters Finch's room. The only warning of her arrival is a strange laugh in a warbling voice from outside the door, a quiet kukukuku that manages to sound ridiculous and vaguely menacing all at once. Ritsu then throws the door open and strides in. As always she looks near regal though this time the effect is somewhat ruined by the plush animal she's carrying, tucked under her arm like a child would carry their favourite toy. It's some sort of cat-rabbit, split black and white straight down the middle.

Rather than explain herself, Ritsu holds the stuffed toy up and speaks through it using the same voice, enhancing the child-like image even more, especially once she begins to wave its paws around, as if the stuffed toy is gesticulating as it speaks. ]

Beating-stabbing-clubbing-beheading-burning-suffocating-strangling-slaughtering-voodoo-cursing... The method doesn’t matter~

“Only a student who kills someone can leave”.

It’s a very simple rule. The most evil of actions leads to the best of outcomes. I hope you all cooperate.

[ With that, she lowers the toy and beams at Finch, speaking now in her normal voice. ]

Well? What do you think?
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[By now she's used to unexpected visits, of course—Ritsu doesn't care for common courtesy, as Finch discovered very quickly. The elegance is not new, nor is skipping proper explanations, but the stuffed doll and its squeaky voice is. With a little sigh, she puts aside the book she had open (the cover has like five different knives on it?), swivels around in her chair, and watches Ritsu with a quirked eyebrow. When she's done, her answer is very flat:] Dramatic. Very. Does "voodoo cursing" have a target audience, or did it just roll off the tongue well? [A brief pause.] What is it?
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[ Ritsu beams proudly at the stuffed toy in her arms, regarding it with about as much fondness as she can really express towards anything. ] Isn't it adorable? I thought we'd need... well, a mascot so I whipped something up. I call it Monokyuma.

[ She tosses the toy to Finch, suddenly careless and sits down heavily on the girl's bed. ] I'm certainly not going to show my face to the others, so I thought we needed someone to oversee things. Clever, hm?
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But what is i— [She effortlessly catches the thing before she can finish and inspects it carefully while Ritsu comes to sit down. "Adorable" is not the word she would use to describe it, but there isn't much she would use the word for.] What do you expect it to do? [It's just a toy!]

Why not? [Brow furrowed, she flips the thing over in her observation and then hands it back to Ritsu.] What are you going to do, then?
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Well, it won't be quite as lifeless once I finish with it. A little technology and it'll be bouncing with life. [ As if demonstrating, she pulls the toy up by it's ears and begins to bounce it up and down on her lap. ]

Think about it. If they know they're up against a human enemy, they won't hesitate to fight back. But against something they can't be sure of, they'll hesitate at the last moment. And a moment is all I need. [ She smiles, looking extremely pleased with her little plan. ]
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[She raises an eyebrow at the toy's little display, but okay, she can buy that. Ritsu is better than technology than her, anyway. During the explanation she leans in a little, listening intently, and she doesn't nod or say anything about it when Ritsu is finished, but her lack of further pressing until a few moments after silently signifies her approval.]

Where do I fit in? [She already knows Ritsu will be operating the—Monokyumas.]
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Well, you'll be my stand-in, of course. I can't just sit back and let these little darlings run the show, can I? [ She beams down at the Monokyuma in her lap, with an expression of almost motherly pride on her face. ] If anything goes wrong, I'll need someone on-scene immediately. Someone a little bigger than this.

[ Displaying the sudden carelessness again, Ritsu tosses the stuffed animal to one side, letting it bounce off the headboard of the bed. ]

Opposable thumbs help too, I suppose.
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[She quirks an eyebrow at her explanation, and is in the middle of giving that beam on Ritsu's face a sidelong glance when she tosses it away. Finch is completely still, and it doesn't hit her anyway, even as it rebounds. Her focus turns to it, briefly—she still isn't sure whether or not she likes it—and then down to her thumbs.]

Your stand-in. As in...what, a substitute? Is there a problem with sending me in as myself?
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Well, considering your... background, the others might find you a little suspicious in a worrisome situation, hm? [ There's an almost mocking smile on her face as she regards Finch, tilting her head as she does so. ]

"Super High School Level Heiress" sounds much better than "Super High School Level Traitor", yes? Or how about "Super High School Level Spy"?

I'm flexable.
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[She doesn't answer that immediately; the corner of her mouth twitches into a scowl and she takes a slow breath in through her teeth. Finch is a master of disguise, certainly, but Ritsu and Ritsu alone has always known which buttons to push. Keeping up her facade for her has long since proven futile.]

I'd watch what I called skills being used to your benefit. [She says that slowly, teeth still gritted, but doesn't argue.] Are you going to make me wear a wig and call myself 'Madame Namine' on top of it all, princess? [The last word gets spat out like it's a slur.]
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[ Ritsu laughs; it starts off elegant and lady-like then becomes harsh and almost threatening before she covers her mouth delicately with one hand and calms herself. ]

There's no need to get upset. You know I'm only teasing, yes? [ Ritsu's eyes are sly and there's mischief in her smile but she says nothing more and simply rests her chin in her hand. ]

Perhaps that would be a little much. I'm sure with your, ah... skills... you could pull this off with ease.
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[Teasing—with intense deliberateness, Finch resists the urge to spin around and sock Ritsu in the face. It's something about despair for her (she'd be the last to admit that she doesn't understand, not really), that barking laughter and all, and she will absolutely not admit that it's completely effective.]

Yes. Of course. So then is the idea to turn Finch into a Super High School Level Heiress, for all intents and purposes? [The word heiress still sounds bitter; why does she have to be reduced to a goddamn peacock?]