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SPM Advertisement Coding test

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 Sis Puella Magi is a community-based jamjar set in a universe based on Puella Magi Madoka Magica, although knowledge of the series is not a requirement to join. Characters become Pueri Magi, magical fighters with the duty of vanquishing witches, in exchange for one wish. Not everything is as it seems, though, and the creatures responsible for what you have become are not the most honest... 
If you were told that the world could be yours—that you could do anything, be anyone, have whatever you wanted—how would you react?

You could become a Puella Magi. In exchange for a limitless wish, you would gain the power to fight witches, manifestations of despair that plague the world.

What made you accept the offer that the creature gave?
What made you who you are?

The consequences are grave. You didn’t know.
The world that you found yourself in after you made your contract with the creature was not your own. You were alone, found here without explanation. This was not your home, and there was no way back.
This was only the beginning of the destruction of the future and the ideal that you had.

To live this life is to suffer. Even still, there is so much left unknown.