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Was she going insane again? That was the question Alice had been asking herself for the last few hours as she attempted to slow her breathing. Two hours ago she'd received a strange disc with the letters SBURB written on it. An hour later she'd received some strange mechanical box and instructions on what to do with it. To be more exact, it had come with a sign that said "TURN ME ON". She hadn't touched it yet.

"This is ridiculous! What will happen if I "turn it on". Will I shrink? Will I grow? I don't know...Oh, if only I had the Cheshire Cat to help me!" She cried as she sank into a chair she'd placed in front of where it sat on her desk, "No, no, it's good that I can't see him." Again Alice managed to reign her feelings in and try to think logically.

"I haven't seen any of them. Surely I'm not slipping again. Surely. Right?" A deep breath and she was more calm again, "I'll just turn this on and do as it asks for awhile. Maybe somebody needs me to use it." After taking another deep breath she clicked the large button on the box, suddenly it began to breath and Alice was on the other side of the room.

"Oh god, what have I just done?" She watched as text ran across the box, and then suddenly it showed a solid screen with nothing but her name under a little picture of a flower. Confused beyond belief she slowly made her way back to the humming box. She took her seat again and gently patted the contraption.

"I don't know what you are, I don't even know if you're real, but at least you're not dangerous. I'll use that as reasoning enough to use you." Alice steadied herself and attempted to make some progress. She placed her hand on a little two-button device, it said "CLICK ME", and so she did. The box hummed a little more before moving on to a new page. Suddenly a little yellow page opened up. She was supposed to pick a "screenname".

"My name?" Upon closer inspection Alice found that it was telling her not to use her name, "Oh my, okay." After a second she typed in "smilingHare". It was accepted and suddenly she watched it reduced into "SH." It only took another second for another screen to pop up.

"Someone is 'pestering' me?" Alice questioned aloud, not sure what to think. Then there was a ping and a message appeared. Someone was trying to tell her something through this weird machine, and it sounded important.
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Right—the discs were in, the program was running, the setup was complete, and the meager set of instructions she'd been provided were read through. Mami was prepared.

Her discs had only just recently arrived, but then, Mami didn't need the extra time to get over her intimidation of her already present computer. She had taken the time to go through all of the program's contents once curiosity had gotten the better of her and she'd finally installed the then-unknown program, though, even if the information inside wasn't much: this was some sort of game, only apparently it was somewhat more extreme than that (something about machines being placed into her home?), and it was imperative that she begin playing as soon as possible.

The program had automatically found her a server player—apparently such had been predetermined—but she hadn't been provided a way to contact them until a short time afterwards. Unbeknownst to Mami, of course, that was because the person that the game wanted to connect her to was on the other side of her own room, cowering in fear from this new piece of technology. With patience and a teacup in hand, she waited, and as soon as a proper "chumhandle", as the side-client "Pesterchum" called it, popped up onto the screen, Mami went to "pester" it (goodness, why couldn't it just use the same terminology every other chat program available did?).

-- gunslingingAntoinette [GA] began pestering smilingHare [SH] --
GA: Hello?
GA: Ah, I do hope that I'm not interrupting anything important.
GA: Hello. My name is Tomoe Mami. I've just installed a disc labeled Sburb, and the program directed me to you.
GA: From what I've gathered, you are supposed to be my server player. Whatever sort of work that requires, I suppose we should begin collaborating, yes?
GA: And if I'm reading this correctly, it seems important that we begin as soon as we can. I hope this isn't a problem.
GA: It is a pleasure to meet you. :) May I ask your name?
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Alice watched intently as the messages came in one after another. She managed to understand that someone was talking to her through the box, somehow, and that it wasn't the box itself. The person referenced the disc she'd received, but Alice couldn't quite understand what was wanted from her. Server player? Then again, it didn't seem the person she was talking to knew what to do either.

"Let's see what I can do for you..."

SH: Nice to meet you.
SH: My name is Alice Liddel, and I'm sorry to tell you I'm not sure what to do.
SH: I do believe I'll need to ask you some questions.

Here there was a noticeable pause as Alice attempted to type out all the questions she had. It felt so slow sending messages this way, not at all like using a pen and paper. Still, she managed to work it all out with a little bit of mumbling and a fair bit of backspacing.

SH: So, first of all. How is all of this working? How does this box let you talk to me? How do I use this disc that came with it? Why won't it stop breathing next to me? I don't think this is one of my hallucinations. I'm sure the Cat would have explained everything by now if it was. Sadly, without the Cat I'm at a loss. I'll need you to do his job.
SH: That would be that I need you to guide me through all these new things the best you can.

"Oh, why do I get the feeling Wonderland was simpler?"