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Bianca Tiki Emmeryn

Full Muselist

This acts as a permanently open RP post! Feel free to tag in with anything for anyone at anytime. This is just as open to strangers (I'm sure there are plenty of you poking around since I have those resource lists!) as it is to friends. While the characters above are ones I've been particularly itching to play, anyone on my muselist is fair game!

If you don't want to write a starter, leaving a top-level without one is totally fine if you'd be so kind as to let me know which character you want and a general idea of what you want from me, and I'll gladly write a starter myself.

I'm not interested in playing out smut or physical torture, and would like to be asked before being tagged with anything involving drugs or alcohol. Thank you!

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gore-less description of murder ahead.

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Qiang had ended up in this life as a soldier of fortune. He started a small gang in middle school to protect himself and his friends from the older badder bullies. As he grew, the bullies got more serious. They went from bats and pipes to guns, and likewise they had to keep up with the arms race. Before he knew it he had built an empire of his own, extending his protection further and further until it became a full Tong. That was when his brothers insisted on a bodyguard for him. They had only been together for a few months, but they seemed to get on well enough. They hadn't talked all that much, but he had come to trust her to at least stay by his side and not go around sharing the dirty details and secrets of the business, though they still hadn't officially adopted her to the 'family'.

He was often cold and ruthless, but among his friends he showed a much gentler side. The way he ran things also reflected that. Yes, his group dealt in drugs, but they always reported people that seemed in a really dangerous spot. Sometimes even kidnapping them and dropping them off at a hospital. He kept his people armed, but severely punished anyone who misused their power. He required protection fees, but never seemed to pressure a business that was really struggling. He might say he'd add interest, but if she payed attention, he never really made them pay anything extra and often waved the fee for the months the business suffered. Kids that joined were mentored to be upstanding citizens, not a bunch of thugs, with martial arts training focused on self defense only, which was strictly enforced.

Qiang found out the Police chief had cut a deal with another Tong to try to capture Qiang. He wasn't having it. His boys picked up the man on his way home and brought him to a warehouse in the meat packing district, far from China Town. You don't shit where you sleep.

The man refused to admit that he had grown corrupt, saying that he'd get the tongs to fight each other and destroy each other so it was easy for the force to clean up. He called the people in these organizations rabid dogs that needed to be put down. He didn't seem to care if it would take the lives of so many of the people in the tongs, only that it wouldn't hurt civilians. He was relying on the pride of these groups to not get civilians involved.

It was heated, but when the chief refused to see any other way, Qiang seemed emotionless as he raised a pistol to the officer's head and pulled the trigger. His brothers rushed over and started trying to clean up what they could of the scene, including the gun. They ushered Qiang into a car and returned him home where they took his clothes, probably to burn.

Qiang seemed absolutely remorseless in front of them, and it seemed to scare them, but no one complained. They trusted their leader. They trusted him to keep the best interests of as many people as he could in his heart. He had ordered some murders before, and been present for the execution of those that betrayed the family or criminals that managed to escape the law and tried to operate in his territory. But this was his first time killing a man himself.

He retired to a shower, but he was taking far longer than usual. He had asked Armin to stay outside the bathroom as usual, but, as always for his safety he left the door unlocked. If she decides to check on him she will find him sitting on the floor of the shower. His torso is covered with a large tattoo of a five clawed dragon made of green and yellow. It held in one of it's claws a bell, the symbol adopted as the sign of the organization. To see someone with such a fearsome tattoo crying in the shower almost seemed shameful.
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this is the opposite of how cmo posts work LUM I WROTE YOU SOME FLUFF

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[Movie night is happening. Where is movie night happening??? How?????? Don't sweat it. It just is. Let me have this.

Anyway Lissa has spent longer than any rational person ever would building a pillow fort for the ages. There are no chairs left in the castle kitchens because they've all been used for structural supports. No one in her family has pillows left. She's cleared out three different linen closets. She goes hard.

One wrong move is gonna send this whole thing crashing down, honestly, she did not think the architectural integrity of this situation through.

In the meantime there is a small popcorn trail leading to the front entrance of the pillow fort, and in theory this is so Duke can find her and in practice it's because Lissa's a goddamn slob who can't keep her snacks all in one place carrying them from point A to point B.

Anyway Duke should be here any second now!!! and movie night can commence properly, in the meantime Lissa's just going to keep rearranging her pillows for maximum fluff.
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what is a cmo post again oh right

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[ Personally, he disapproves of the possible terrible things that could happen if someone does slip on their ass and fall on the behemoth Lissa has managed to construct. On the other, he can't help but be quietly impressed once he's come upon it thanks to the popcorn trail and everything. He's holding a glass of water because he's simple about these things, and in his other hand is probably a bowl of fruit.

He goes out into the nature often, what else kind of snacks would he be grabbing.

Either way he is here now and walking closer. ]

... Lissa. Are you sure you wished to make this so ... large?
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[Lissa pokes her head out between the sheets that make the front entry flaps of her pillow fort.]

Absolutely. [She's making that >:T face of hers, indignant over the size of her pillow fort.] The more space we have, the more snacks we can fit in here, and more pillows means the whole fort's softer!

[Expansive as the fort is, it isn't particularly high-ceilinged because the support base is still just made mostly of chairs; Duke will definitely have to crouch and crawl a little to get in here. Lissa scrambles back and pulls a sheet tent flap aside to invite Duke in.]
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[ Lissa... pls. He just shakes his head, but in the sort-of fond friendship way. He walks over to her spot with the bowl. ]

That is another way of looking at it.

[ Ugh this is tough for a tall person like him but he just. Seems to start to crouch and do so. If anyone says anything they're getting a boot to the head-- but hey now he's in! ]

... What are we watching again?
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[He should be okay once he's sat down in the massive pillow pile, at least? In the meantime, Lissa shuffles over to make room, hefting a laptop because I guess this is how we're doing movie night I don't know don't question it let me have this into her lap and knocking over a pile of DVDs shut up Lum it's just happening it's movie night.]

I didn't actually decide yet. [She picks through a few options, tossing copies of Cinderella and The Lion King into Duke's lap as she does.] Maybe the one with the penguins. Or the cats. [Just gonna keep tossing movies at Duke, yep.]