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Road tripping with my two favorite allies...~

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Guy had long since given up talking.

When he first started his drift he tried his best, in his own way, to be optimistic. He would talk to himself every day, blazing on through nothingness and hoping for some sign of life. That was part of what being a Mage of Light was, right, making your own luck? If he was optimistic enough, anything was possible.

At least that's what his denizen had said. He tried not to think that he was misinterpreting his own powers.

It would mean he had no hope.

He yammered on about anything, and most of all he kept time. He'd remind himself, out loud of course, of the time ever half hour on the hour. Time was the one thing that was staying the same and he couldn't afford to forget a minute, a second.

Gradually his patience began to wane. He began to mutter instead of speaking confidently. He stopped telling himself the time and just resolved to checking it on occasion.

Eventually he halted speaking altogether two months in.

He reconciled with himself to, at least, make some sort of noise.

Guy made use of his harmonica. He'd play for a short time every day (he told himself to every day, but in reality it was only when he could be bothered to remember) and hope for a fucking miracle.

And as he drifted this day the notes rang out proud.

He had gotten very good at the harmonica indeed.
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It had been, probably, two years since she'd last spoken. She hadn't said a word since the session had ended, not after she'd realized the power each syllable held, and everyone had—

Well, she didn't speak anymore. That was that.

There were always Horrorterrors to make sure that she wasn't allowed silence, though, except when she found the remnants of other dead sessions in the Furthest Ring and could find rest and respite there. It was never comfortable enough to stay, though; sooner or later things would start to feel normal but never normal enough, or she would look down at the belongings she'd gathered and think of the dead people they'd belonged to, or the last of the desperate-eyed consorts would start pleading and following her, and in the end she would leave and return to an empty expanse of monstertongued whispers, and not a single word.

But there was something different this time. Something was humming underneath the horrorspeak, and rose to buzzing notes. A...a harmonica? And it was louder than them, suddenly, louder than the rest of the universe, if only because it was so unfamiliar now. Why, though, was there any reason for it to be here?

In the distance, she could see someone's silhouette.

She thought, But I don't even look like a god without the clothes, why else would anyone else have to be here, but I haven't seen another person in years, what am I supposed to say?, I don't want to hurt anyone else.

Syrene took a sharp breath in through her teeth, and drifted slowly towards the sound.

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He stopped abruptly and sighed, flicking his tongue at the roof of his mouth. Like fucking always he'd managed to clip it on the damn holes again; always so careless. "Fuck." He muttered, opening his eyes to stare at the offending device.

How rude.

He sighed and shoved it back in his sylladex, putting it in a place where it was easily reachable in his modus. Strategy modus: sometimes it was fun, sometimes you just wanted to stab it fifteen times when you couldn't figure out the proper combination to retake things from it.

Guy's gaze slid upward as he continued to drift now in silence, only to open wide in shock.

Was that...?
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It was a person, Syrene realized as she got closer. It was definitely, absolutely, certainly a person.

Something in her seized up and for a moment, she didn't move—couldn't. A part of her wanted to fly at this stranger like a bullet and hold him and never let go, but another wanted to run away instead of facing this immense sort of if, this gut-churning uncertainty. A part of her wanted to yell, but she couldn't tell if it was in excitement or terror.

The Elder Gods were quiet. Not silent, but quiet. Perhaps for the first time.

She kept flying closer, a little faster now—and he was right there, she could speak to him. It had been so long since she'd been close enough to anyone that she could speak to them.

It had been so long since she'd spoken at all.

Her mouth started to open and take the shape of a word—but no, she couldn't risk it. Her voice was doom itself, she was made to bring ruin. Syrene wouldn't, couldn't speak.

Syrene stared at him, this boy in bright yellow who she could barely believe wasn't a hallucination, eyes wide and mouth hanging half-open, and...hoped he'd say something, she supposed.

are you fucking kidding me

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Guy had always been proud of the fact that, no matter how bad things got out here, he held onto his sanity. Even trapped in his own head he hadn't lost himself.

Or at least he thought he hadn't.

Right now he was quite sure that he'd finally cracked. All that strength of will had been for naught, he'd finally gone stark nuts!

"Motherfucking shit," He said flatly, raising his gaze up and down before finally resting on her eye level. "I've finally lost it, haven't I? I'm fucking crazy."

Guy threw himself backward dramatically, suspended in space. Almost bitterly he kept murmuring. "Hear that mom? I'm nuts! It's the looney bin for me! Maybe I've been crazy all this time and imagined the whole game too."
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No, the boy definitely wasn't a hallucination. No hallucination of hers would ever treat her so flippantly.

She wanted to yell at him—Goddamn it, I'm real! Stop that and pay attention to me! But that was just asking for trouble. How was she supposed to get his attention silently?

For a few moments, she watched him flail around in space without moving at all.

Cheeks puffed out in frustration, Syrene flew over to where he was hovering and—not even thinking about it, on frustrated impulse alone—grabbed his hand. The closest to a demand of I'm here she could get.

His skin was so...warm. She'd forgotten anything could be that warm.

She was touching someone, she realized now that the impulse had passed, and the frustration in her face fell into a frightened sort of wonder, but she tightened her grip.
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Guy hadn't even realized she closed the distance between them too caught up in his own fit. And then she grabbed his hand.

His eyes shot up, mild shock coursing through him. She was... warm. This was someone else's warmth, not his own. She was real...? He felt her grip tighten and leaned forward so that he was level with her.

"... I'm not crazy then?" His voice was laced with almost wonder as he reached out the hand that wasn't currently in hers, stopping just short of her face. No, that wouldn't have been a good idea. You don't just touch someone you've just met.

Social cues rebooting he lowered it and fumbled around for what to say. "I'm... Guy. I mean. That's my name. I'm Guy."
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He got it! Syrene's face stretched into a grin so wide that it hurt—oh, god, it had been so long since she had smiled. We're real! She wanted to scream it out to the universe! She wanted to dance, to laugh, to sing—

She couldn't. Of course she couldn't. That's why her expression fell and she looked aside into the space towards her feet.

Turning back to him—to Guy; what an odd and ordinary name—Syrene covered her mouth with her hand, knit her eyebrows together, struggled to hold his gaze and kept quickly darting hers towards but not at the hand she wasn't squeezing (was he going to touch her, and why didn't he? She couldn't decide; did she want the contact more than she was terribly, inexplicably afraid of it?).

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"I, uh..." Guy urged himself onward. Damn you, man! Use your words! "I guess you don't talk much?"

Smooth. So fucking smooth.

Slowly he raised his hand again. He had to do it. It was like this one touch would tell him if she was actually real, never mind the hand closed around his own.

He opted to reach for an errant strand of hair, tucking it away casually before allowing his shaking hand to retreat.