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and then on the way home, it always seems like a good idea to go paddling in the fountain, and that's because it is a good idea
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It had been a long few months. Hilda walked into her room for the first time since leaving home - it seemed so long ago - and smiled a little, seeing everything unchanged, just where she'd left it. She was bone tired from all the travelling, but at the same time, too restless to sleep. She took off her hat, tossing it on her computer chair, and flopped down on her bed, running her hands over her face with a heavy sigh. She hadn't beaten the Champion, but then, she hadn't really gotten the chance to fight him, either. All that business with Team Plasma had gotten in the way.

N had gotten in the way.

...She didn't want to think about that right now.

Hilda sat up, getting rid of her shoes, and went over to plunk herself in her computer chair, turning on the machine to see if anyone was online to talk to. Even 4Poke would be better than the inside of her head at the moment. Luckily, her best friend's status was set to an enthusiastic Chummy.

-- unpolishedValkyrie [UV] began pestering aislingAgathism [AA] at 16:13 --
UV: hey bii :)
UV: oh hey that sounds like A B, hehe
UV: i just got home and thought we haven't really talked in a while
UV: whatcha up to?
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AA: hilda!!
AA: omigosh, it's so good to talk to you! ( ^∇^)
AA: the real question here is what you've been up to. i've missed you so much!
AA: i've been
AA: oh, hold on

"One second, Professor!" Bianca called over her shoulder. She pushed her chair back from the desk and started to stand, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the screen. Hilda was back! Finally, they were talking again!

She shifted her feet where she was. "Um, is it okay if it waits for juuust a sec? Just a second, really! Hilda's online, though. She came to chat and—thank you, Professor, thank you!"

AA: okay!
AA: guess what! i'm working with the professor now! ヾ(´¬`)ノ
AA: i love pokémon a lot, so i'm her assistant, and i'm gonna learn all about them with professor juniper!
AA: yeah, so how about you?
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Hilda grinned ear to ear at the news. Looked like she wasn't the only one who'd gone somewhere since they left Nuvema.

UV: wow that's so awesome! :O
UV: that is basically the perfect job for you
UV: you've always been super good with pokemon :D
UV: i bet someday you'll get to be a cool professor too!

As far as her own adventure, well, the whole point was to not think about it at the moment. Maybe she would just talk about the League.

UV: i beat the elite four and the champion
UV: they acknowledged it and everything even with all the stuff that happened
UV: so i guess that was pretty cool
UV: but it doesn't really help anyone like you will! :D
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AA: do you really think so?! (#`ε´#ゞ i'm not even as close to as great with pokémon as you are, though!
AA: wow, do you really think that, though?
AA: to tell you the truth...i don't know if a professor's what i want to be for real yet. (´_`。) but i have so much fun working with professor juniper~!
AA: oh, i heard! i tried to get in touch and congratulate you before but you weren't answering... oh, but you must have been super busy, right? hehe, of course a new champion would be. what was i thinking?
AA: but now that i can say it...
AA: congratulations, hilda! ヾ(´¬`)ノ i'm so happy for you!
AA: hey, but it's so amazing that you did that! it's like, a symbolic sorta thing in some ways, y'know?
AA: and you're way stronger because of it, right? (。-`ω´-)ᕗ so you can help people because you're strong!
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UV: i definitely think that :)
UV: and don't sell yourself so short
UV: just because i'm good at battling doesn't mean i'm better than you are!
UV: we're both awesome at different stuff, that's all
UV: hey, has cheren come home yet?
UV: i haven't seen him since the league

Quit thinking about the League, moron!

But really, she couldn't. How could she? It'd been her life goal, one she'd achieved, even if it hadn't exactly gone as planned. She should be crowing about it, shouting her victory from the rooftops, forgetting all the complications like she usually did. It used to be so easy to do, so why couldn't she now?!

UV: by the way
UV: i'm really glad you're safe
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AA: you really are so good with pokémon, though!
AA: even that first battle... hamish already totally adored you! ( ^∇^) and even reshiram, too!
AA: you're really amazing, hilda!
AA: oh, um, no. cheren's mostly been training.
AA: he was out in victory road, last i checked...

When Hilda's next messages came, her fingers froze above the keys. Hilda was concerned for her safety? How silly. She was never strong enough to even approach a place of risk.

AA: i only am because of you, right?
AA: you're the one who was in danger. i'm glad you're safe.
AA: (◡‿◡ )
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Hilda smiled at the words on the screen. It was good to know some things would never change. Cheren would wipe the floor with the League, no problem.

UV: i don't think reshiram was really that impressed with me
UV: it went back into the light stone

Of course, Zekrom was still out there somewhere, with its chosen hero. He wasn't going to hurt anyone, though, human or Pokemon. She wondered where he might be now, then remembered she was trying not to think about it.

UV: do you think prof juniper would want to look at it?
UV: the stone i mean