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Courtney ([personal profile] prospitian) wrote in [community profile] braintrapeze2015-01-06 11:20 pm

Call Me Out! ☆ Permanent Open RP Post

Call Me Out !
» «
or pick anyone else on my full muselist!
» Make a comment calling out any of my characters by putting their name in the subject line.
» Include a starter. Or don't! I don't care! If you don't, a geeeeneral idea of what you're looking to play would be nice so I can throw something together.
» This is open to everyone, regardless of whether or not we've played or even talked before! Even you, random stranger stumbling upon this other stranger's musebox probably through my resources posts or something, are welcome to tag this.

I'm not interested in playing smut or physical torture, or anything involving alcohol or drugs unless we've already discussed it.

prompts if you need 'em
» Random Scenario Meme
» Zombie Apocalypse Meme
More Random Scenarios «
Train to the Afterlife Meme «
» or they're just stuck in an elevator together

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