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Character Development

I've added stars to my personal favorites!

For you to fill out:

For your character to fill out:


Misc Fun:
» Character Development (my personal resource blog; content is varying degrees of useful)
» Tumblr Questionnaire Collection
» Statistics*
» Ultimate Stat Chart
» Character Expressions

Other Ideas: (most of these are quite silly)
» Make a playlist of songs that remind you of your character.
» Make a playlist of songs your character would like.
» Make a "visualosities" post for your character—find images and photos that remind you of them.
» Make a listography and create a new list. Keep hitting "generate a list topic" and fill it out for your character!
» Sign up for Pottermore and play through the wand-receiving and sorting as your character.

* The original source of this one couldn't be found, so I yanked it from somebody's journal. If there is an original, let me know.

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